Gianni is the suite room of the house. As a biggest and comfortable room feels more like a small apartment with a small corridor, a complete private bathroom, a double bed and a direct access to the balcony. 
Waking up and looking at the sunrise on the lake through the window is certainly a wonderful way to begin your day if you sleep in this room. 

For this room we couldn’t pick a better protagonist. Gianni Rodari was Giovanni Francesco “Gianni” Rodari was an italian writer and journalist, most famous for his works of children’s literature and most importantly he was born in Omegna, right at the other side of the lake of Orta. 

He wrote about Orta in the short story ‘Il pesce ragioniere del Cusio (Cusio is, in fact, the historical name of Lake Orta).
But it’s in his ‘C’era due volta il Barone Lamberto’  where he writes about a  little island like San Giulio and he imagines his odd and funny characters moving around.